Midwifery Care

Trust In Pregnancy and Birth

  • Midwifery care is available to all people expecting a new baby.
  • Midwifery care is local, family-centered, evidence-based maternity care.
  • Midwifery care is based on relationships, science, and ancient knowledge.

Maternity Care Experts

  • Midwives are registered and highly trained healthcare professionals
  • Midwives can order all of the required and requested tests, ultrasounds, and specialist appointments you may need
  • Midwives are available 24/7 for your urgent concerns
  • Midwives provide care in the hospital and in your own home

Full Term Care

Supporting you throughout your pregnancy.

Midwives specialize in providing guidance and care to healthy pregnant women with low-risk pregnancies. In the event a complication develops that is beyond the regulated scope of practice, your midwife will refer you to a obstetric physician or other specialist who can provide guidance and management according to your specific needs.

Your midwife will usually continue to meet with you throughout your pregnancy even if other specialists are also involved.

Although we try our best not to turn any Sooke clients away, it is a good idea to book an appointment as soon as possible to ensure we have space.

Our full term care includes

Prenatal Care

Your first visit with your midwife includes a comprehensive medical history, a physical assessment and nutritional and lifestyle counselling. This appointment also gives you and your midwife time to get to know one another and an opportunity to address your questions and concerns.

Ideally, your first appointment should take place before you are 12 weeks pregnant. Birthing partners are encouraged to attend and children are welcome. The average appointment is about 45 minutes long.

Subsequent visits take place every 4-5 weeks until 30 weeks, every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until your baby is born. At each visit, your midwife will take your blood pressure and (from about twelve weeks on) assess your baby’s growth, heartbeat, movement and position, and interpret and discuss lab test and ultrasound results. We also spend time discussing your emotional and physical well-being throughout pregnancy, as well as preparations for labour and birth.

Labour and Birth

Midwives in BC offer choice of birthplace. Women usually choose to give birth in the space they feel the most comfortable. For women in Sooke, this can be at home or at Victoria General Hospital.
There will be ample time during prenatal appointments to discuss when to contact your midwife at the beginning of active labour. Usually at this time your midwife will come to your home to assess both you and your baby, and to determine when to leave (if you are planning a hospital birth).

Regardless of where you are having your baby, your midwife will monitor both you and your baby’s well-being throughout labour and for the first few hours postpartum. This often includes assessments like listening to the baby’s heartbeat, checking your blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and providing physical and emotional support.

After the birth, many women choose to leave the hospital within a few hours so they can enjoy getting acquainted with their new arrival in the comfort of their own home. We recommend this and we always visit mother and babe the day after birth, regardless of where you are. The motherbabe/postpartum ward at VGH is also available for women who want or need to remain in hospital for longer.

Home birth with a midwife is a common and safe option in the Sooke area
, given that your pregnancy is low-risk and has progressed normally. For women choosing home birth, water birth is an option for non-pharmaceutical pain relief. Water birth has been shown to increase relaxation and decrease the sensation of pain, as well as shorten the duration of first and second stages of labour. It is safe for low-risk women who have had normal pregnancies.

In the rare event a complication should arise at home, midwives are medically trained and equipped with supplies and medication to manage emergencies. We are also able to transfer into the hospital at anytime to receive the support of specialist care if indicated. There is ample research on the safety of home birth with registered midwives in BC, and you will have time to discuss the option with your midwife during prenatal appointments.


Midwifery care continues for six weeks after your baby is born. Your midwife will visit you at the hospital or at your home several times during the first couple of weeks to monitor your recovery, assess your baby’s well being and to offer support. Your midwife will be able to answer your questions regarding baby care, help with any feeding challenges, and monitor the baby’s weight gain/growth. Your midwife will also offer you standard tests and procedures offered for newborns in BC, like the Newborn Metabolic Screening test.

After the first 10-14 days, weekly visits occur at the clinic. After six weeks, your midwife will transfer the care of you and your newborn back to your family physician. If you do not have a family physician, let us know and we can try to help you find one before we discharge you from care.

Postpartum Care

Your own doctor, plus our support.

Postpartum-only Option

Regardless of who you chose as your primary maternity care provider (midwife or GP), Sooke Midwifery offers in-home care for you and your baby after discharge from hospital.

This (free!) service is available to all Sooke families. We work directly with your primary care provider to offer you additional support in your own home.

We are available to come to your home as soon as you are discharged from the hospital. We are available 24/7 for home visits, from birth until 6 weeks postpartum. As well as information sharing and support, we offer:

  • Complete medical assessments (for both you and baby!)
  • Professional breastfeeding support/assessment/information
  • Advice on sleep management
  • Postpartum recovery/healing support Newborn weight and development assessments